Hello world!

I have just started a new adventure.  It is going so well that I am afraid to blink, or even talk too loudly, scared if I look away or am too disruptive,  it might be gone.

I made the decision to go back to work full-time.  It was actually an easy decision to make. I was a stay at home mom with 3 beautiful children and an extremely supportive husband, who really did not enjoy running the household.  In November, I lead a fundraiser that included 7 beautiful estates on tour for 3 days, 4,000 patrons, a 2 day gift and holiday market, 40+ underwriters who gave a total of over $80k in money and services and a kick-off party attended by 500+ guests and sold $95k worth of auction items!  It was so much fun!  On November 15th when my fundraiser was over, I looked around my disheveled, disorganized home and thought, “it is time to go back to work!”

I had so enjoyed working hard on a project that I loved that I decided my time would be better spent earning money for our family, and paying someone to help me keep up my home.  My philanthropic project also taught me something else: someone might pay me for doing something I like to do!  Others might figure this out before they are 36 years old, but admittedly, sometimes I am a little slow!

I graduated from college with a Bachelors of Accountancy and worked at a big 6 accounting firm (yes there are 4 now, but 6 then… I really am getting old!) for 7 years.  2 wonderful things came to me while working at this company: 1) I met my husband, he was a co-worker and 2) we got to live in Switzerland for 2 years!  Other than those blessings, I don’t remember really liking one day of work.  I thoroughly enjoyed many of the people who I worked with and seeing a number of the cities to which I traveled, but the work was just plain awful.  I found it boring and extremely stressful at the same time.

This was my first job out of college and I honestly thought this is what work meant… that I needed to suck it up.  I thought maybe everyone did something miserable to earn a living, that was just part of the corporate world (remember, I admitted to being a little slow).  Then this past November came!  I worked countless hours to help get that job done and can honestly say I loved every minute of it.  And what was even more interesting, people kept telling me I was good at it!  When I sat back and pondered this I realized I am good at sales (securing underwriting),  leading a team (we had a board of over 50+ plus women) and event planning (creativity seemed to be my strong suit!).  Not only am I good at these things, I LIKE selling, being a team leader and planning creative, forward-thinking, beautiful events!

I decided I was going to find a job where I could utilize my skills and raise money to contribute to my family of 5.  About a week or two after I started looking for that job I think it fell into my lap!  I will never say that luck was not a factor when I was  offered the opportunity from my best friend’s husband, to be one of the first sales consultants in the new jewelry internet start-up company that he was working on .  I am pretty sure that he did not know I had started looking for a job.

He had just seen the results I had with my philanthropic event and thought I would be a great fit for the internet direct sales jewelry company that he had just agreed to take part!  Since then I have read in several business journals that the chance to be a part of a large direct sales company, on the ground floor, will happen only once, if at all, in  a person’s life!

It has now been 3 months since my friend Paul introduced me to this new jewelry company and I am convinced that this is my one chance!  This adventure has taken off with a wild success that I could have never dreamed of, which taught me one lesson quickly: don’t be afraid to DREAM BIG!!

I wanted to start this blog for two reasons. First to document my business growth and the company’s progress and second, to share it with you!  Whether my story is shared with friends or family just reading along to catch-up, or someone I can help accomplish goals that they never dreamed possible by sharing my decisions, best practices, successes and of course failures (failures aren’t bad!  They shine a bright light on changes we need to make to our system). I look forward to taking this journey with you.

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