Spring Break!

Random thoughts from the first 12 hours of our trip:

Roadtrips to me mean diet coke, windows down, loud music and shopping the candy aisle at a convenience store! With 3 children and no co-pilot (husband flew in from LA where he was working) I for went the loud music for Scooby Doo DVDS but the candy shopping was much more fun with my little people (sweet Chloe just couldn’t decide…. ring pop, or M&Ms? We went for both because that is what you do on a road trip).

Whomever invented the new disposable coffee filter basket for the little coffee makers for hotel rooms is probably making a lot of money now.

Does anyone remember those chocolate chip cookies they used to serve at the Double Tree hotels? That might have been one of my favorite parts of travelling for work back in the day.

My husband asked, do you really need a different cover-up for everyday we’re here? YES!!

Exploring somewhere new with a child is such a joy. Giddy with laughter as we pulled up to the resort. Dashing from one corner of the lobby to the next, oohing and ahhing over staples of their lives as if they have never seen them before….. “mommy, look at this chair….WOW!” My son stumbled out of his bed this morning, looked at his dad and mumbled….”the good thing about this waterslide is that there are no lines, like the Great Wolf Lodge….” I think he dreamed about his new adventure all night.

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