The cocktail party

On the first evening of the Spark and Hustle Dallas event we heard from Cindy Morrison, Tory Johnnson’s (event organizer) favorite social media marketing guru. That evening I selected the next tool I will review for my Social Media Marketing Project, Twitter. If facebook is the family reunion and Linked In is the boardroom (2 tools up for review later in the project), Cindy explains Twitter is the cocktail party!

Here, Cindy explains you begin to find conversations that apply to you. On Twitter, you must listen and have conversations, but do not shout. She asked “if you go to a cocktail party would you throw open the door and yell at the top of your lungs, “Helllloooo! I”M HEAR!” Well no, you would walk around and strike up conversations with friends or new acquantances who you then might find have similar interests.

In fact, Jill, Cindy’s photgrapher, explained that is really a great analogy for all of social networking… it provides a way to meet new friends by bumping into them on the net!

I have a Twitter account but just recently start using it. The savy 22 year old Spark and Hustle attendee, Amanda, who is President of the SMU Student Publicity Firm, told me that Twitter is THE BEST way to build business on the internet. This week, I am going to give it a shot.

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