Move Over Tory!

For the last two summer seasons the Tory Burch flip-flop has been the favorite at the swimming pool. With its nice thick soles, cute decorative foot pads and the signature Tory knot in between the toes, everyone that wore them felt like they brought a little piece of luxury with them to the pool that day!

But now it is time for Tory to get comfortable in the closet. The Diane Von Furstenberg comfy flip-flop is SUPER comfortable and two steps up from pool side footwear. The DVF sandal could be worn with jeans or with your sarong. This shoe in GOLD has my vote for your next Summer staple (could not find a great picture of the gold, but the black is cute too!).

And why wouldn’t the DVF flip-flop be THE flip-flop for all my mom friends’ this summer? After all, this is the same designer who, when “fed up with the bell-bottom jeans and sexless pantsuits of the day, devised a slinky, moderately priced wrap dress that turned millions of mall mothers and working women into saucy sirens virtually overnight,” **

A good friend of mine got to hear Diane von Furstenberg speak at a recent luncheon in town. She came away from that lunch enamoured with DVF’s tenacity and “take no prisoners” attitude. If you are ever looking for a little inspiration during your work day, maybe need a little lesson in confidence read more of DVF’s story. She is one hard-working princess (literally) that we could all learn a little something from!
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