He Left it All on the Floor

I have to be honest. I have not sat down to watch many basketball games on television. I really enjoy college football, but do not even schedule the rest of my life to make sure my Saturdays are free to watch my favorite teams (yes, fellow Ole Miss fans I said teams. Ole Miss will always be my first love but it has been fun to be married to a USC Trojan).

My son Charlie is 7 and has now completed two basketball seasons! To help me understand what is going on in the game, I tried to learn more about the sport, but still feel a little clueless! Despite my lack of knowledge, I really have enjoyed watching my home town team make it to the finals! The Dallas Mavericks have been amazing this season and I have jumped on the bandwagon!

My husband met friends out to watch last night’s game 2 of the Finals Series and at half time my little man Charlie was so sleepy from his last day of school activities that I convinced him to go to bed with the promise that we would watch the end this morning (I love my time with Charlie before the rest of the house gets up as he and I are the lone early birds in the house).

WOW! The game was awesome! I was so glad for Charlie to witness such an amazing example of perseverance and determination! In the last 7 minutes of the game, the Mavs went on a 22-5 game-winning spurt, battling back from an 88-73 fourth-quarter deficit. While it was Dirk Nowitzki scoring the last nine, Jason Terry got the magic started, scoring 8 points in a row.

Terry said, “I have had games throughout my career where I’ve struggled,” he said. “I’ve struggled throughout three-quarters in the game and then, boom, in the fourth quarter the light comes on. Tonight was another one of those examples.

“In a game with this magnitude, to be down 15 points in that situation, I was just going to do whatever it took to leave it all out on the floor. That’s what happened tonight.”

Is there any reason we should do anything without leaving it all out on the floor? When times seem tough or even impossible what do we have to lose by just going for it and giving it everything we’ve got! If you don’t give it a shot, give it 100% of who you are, you will never know if you might just make magic happen, like Jason Terry did last night! You can do it- you just gotta give it your all!

Go Mavs!

One response to “He Left it All on the Floor

  1. great post meredith!

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