Change is an Adventure

I have big news… my husband, Vince got a new job. Not just any old job, but a really great, challenging job, working with people that he really respects, in a field that he has developed quite an expertise. There is one tiny problem- the corporate office is in Miami, and we live in Dallas! He is going to get tired of that 3 hour flight every Monday morning….
The truth is, I think I’d follow him anywhere… he is just that great… so we put the sign in the yard! We are headed to the beach, and the glitz and the night life, and whatever else goes on in that city that really is quite a mystery to me. Mysterious, but alluring… kind-of like that guy at Ole Miss that I was always too scared to talk to in my business finance class.
If you asked me 3 months ago where I saw our family in 5 years, or even 10 years I would have said right here in the Big D! But, Ms. Gloria, I think the rhythm has already started to get me! I’m getting excited about 12 months of summer, that doesn’t include temperatures over 100 degrees, and running on the beach (no hills! Yippie!). Chloe, my 5 year old was born ready… it’s like God gave two lily white parents a golden girl with a savage tan because he knew she might go to Miami County High School and wanted to help her fit in! He’s watching out for us, I just know it!
Oh, and yes, my parents aren’t too thrilled that I am “taking away their grand babies, ‘ but they are also super proud of their son-in-law. The good news is dad is getting close to retirement and rumor has it that there are a few retirees in South Florida… I think I caught dad on the internet last week checking out a few “active adult communities” in Boca. Just in case that doesn’t work out, we’ve asked the realtor to look for houses with a guest house!

Footnote: The picture above is of the W Hotel on South Beach, where Vince is staying M-F until we relocate… 5 blocks from his office. When I went to check-out the city last weekend I mentioned to a new co-worker that the only other time I had been to Southbeach was on my bachelorette party, 11 years ago. I told him we stayed at the Holiday Inn… “thats funny,” he said. They tore that hotel down, when they built this one (the W)… foreshadowing?

2 responses to “Change is an Adventure

  1. I am thrilled for you and your family…and will be praying for you during this time of transition! Go Meredith Go!

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