Baby Steps

I agree, “home is where your heart is,” but I have to admit, there is something to be said for ample closet space.

On the first day of the year my family and I moved almost 1,500 miles to a new house in Miami, Florida. It was hard leaving a community that we loved and friendships that we spent over fifteen years cultivating. On top of that loss, the people of Miami have not exactly welcomed us with open arms. That is just not their way.

I was just telling a new found hair dresser that we are planning to invite our new neighbors over for a Friday night cocktail hour. With a smile she said, “you’ll be lucky if you make it to the door with the invite before they yell for you to get off their lawn.” She was smiling, but I’m not quite sure that she was kidding (we thought we’d try the party anyway, call it a social experiment! I’ll keep you posted).

Even though our hearts have been a little heavy missing old friends, we have not had much time to think about being sad! The kids started new schools two days after our plane landed and we have all been preoccupied trying to adjust to new schedules.

We rented a home in Coconut Grove that is almost 1,000 square feet bigger than our house in Dallas. I had not laid eyes on the house until we arrived with all of all earthly possessions and were handed the keys.

Kuddos to my husband and realtor! The property is even better in person that it looked in pictures on the web. The pool is a gorgeous blue, the palm trees and foliage are so dense the kids tell their friends we have moved to a forest, and the hardwoods throughout the entire upstairs are beautiful!

Despite the sheer beauty of the neighborhood and yard, AND the very well made details of the entire home, the best part of this house are the closets! The architect of this property did not let one inch of space go to waste. If there was wall, she put a closet there, and she did not skimp on square footage. These closets go both WIDE and DEEP and they are glorious! The home was built about 40 years ago and some time between now and then a resident certainly had some “stuff.” Either that or the local Container Store was having a liquidation sale and the owner could not resist a good buy. It looks like the Container Store threw up in here, but I am not complaining. The shelving is wonderful.

I have to admit, my mother was right! It DOES feel good when everything has a place, and when every place has a thing. Clutter really can start to bring a person down. It has made my unpacking experience almost fun. And I will tell you, even though I can’t get one of our neighbors to lift a hand in a wave, much less a smile, my new 8 foot 5 foot closet makes me smile each morning. I think with the empty floors and the matching hangers, that closet might be smiling back at me, and for now, that is enough! I’ll work on the Miamians tomorrow. Baby steps!

4 responses to “Baby Steps

  1. My best friend, Jana Soefker that I talk to everyday lives in Coral Gables, which is practically next door to you!!! She is a southern girl at heart from Memphis that has experienced and is still experiencing the different culture and lifestyle that the people of Miami maintain. She has 4 children and has lived in Miami now for 10 years. Her kids used to go to St. Thomas but have all switched recently. Her son is at Belin, oldest daughter at Lourdes and 2 youngest at Apiphany ( I just screwed up all of the spellings) She would LOVE to help you in any way and would LOVE to have cocktails with you too. She is truly one of the nicest and genuine person I know. When I just told her about your blog she wanted to contact you immediately! If you would like to contact her I can give you the information. FB message me and I will be more than happy to give her your email and or phone number. I cannot imagine how difficult the move must be for you all. I know that you must be enjoying the beautiful weather and the peacocks!!! My friend Jana just sent me a text picture of one today that she saw on her walk! Coconut Grove is beautiful. My favorite place to eat there is Georges. We miss you at bamboo pink but know that life for you lately has been very overwhelming and crazy I am sure.
    Please know that Jana would love to help you in Miami in any way and would also love to meet you for drinks, dinner lunch whatever!!!
    message me and hopefully you to can hook up.
    Wendy Madden

    • Wendy- I would love to meet her! I’ll FB you now. When I turned the corner to our new street to meet the moving truck at 7 am, there were about 5 standing in front of my driveway! I was a little worried about karma… my last neighbor, whom I loved, had a peacock named Pedro, that I did not love so much! So far, we’ve enjoyed them…. we haven’t made it to George’s yet but I pass the one in Coral Gables everyday after dropping my son off at school (we aren’t at any of the same schools as Jana) and always think, “I have got to try that place!” Maybe Jana and I could meet there!

  2. I love it! I can just visualize you waving!

  3. Emily Patterson

    Hey! I am so glad you guys are adjusting….give those Miami folks some time and they’ll come around, I’m sure. We recently moved near one of your dear friends, Kim Davis, and we were talking about you last night! Small world! Hope things continue to get better there. Take care!

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