They like big butts, and I can not lie!

I really feel awful. Since the day I moved to Miami, Florida almost 4 months ago something has been nagging at me . I now feel like I might have let down some of my friends. They are really missing out. But today is the day… I don’t think it is too late for my advisory message.

You, with a Lovely Lady Hump LISTEN-UP!

Your people are waiting for you here in South Florida.

I mean, OH MY GOSH, BECKY, the bigger your cushion, the more people that are lookin’, and you need to get down here because your admirers are waiting.

Yes, even you with the Honky Tonk Badonkadonk, the Floridians know you’ve got it going on like Donky Kong and if you haven’t been to this beautiful part of the country you need to come. The junk in our trunk is glorified here. It is so refreshing to see real women with curves.

You can throw those A-line skirts to the waste side, and get ride of all the jeans with minimal pocket design you might have been wearing to cover-up that beautiful rump.

Come to Miami and shake that groove thang. The people of Miami CAN handle all your jelly!

We are waiting here for you to just wiggle it!

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