We previewed the line at The Webster

Living in paradise definitely comes with a steep price tag. That is why I’m so excited about the launch of The Shops of Target. They have collaborated with 5 small, high end boutiques to bring us some local luxury at low prices.

One of these boutiques is just up the road on Miami Beach. In between an All Star game and cheer leading camp the kids and I went to check it out!


We were so excited! They had 6 looks from the Target line displayed inside the front doors. As I went to snap pictures, though, the sales girl said, “NO!”. Boo, no pictures inside!


She seemed to be watching that Target line like a hawk, but we did sneak a few pics from the rest of the store!


There is the wallpaper some of the fabric is modeled after- it was beautiful!


The Target line was beautiful you guys! It is worth hitting the Internet or store early. The fabric felt very luxurious and the craftsmanship really seemed nice. The woven beach bag seems like it should cost $200 not $40. There was a navy men’s blazer that was beautiful with a crinkled pin stripe button down underneath. The white cardigan with navy/green trim looked a little warm for a Miami summer. But I loved both the coral shorts and skirt.

Laure, the owner says she suspects the dresses will sell out first because that is their best seller at the store. If you are going to the store tomorrow I would go to the women’s section first, and grab some of the large cuffs on your way. They were really cute!




We decided it will definitely be worth setting our alarm clocks early and shopping before church tomorrow!

See you there!

7 responses to “We previewed the line at The Webster

  1. Your children are so cute ^^ Hope you had a fun day out!


    • Thanks Beibei. We really did have fun. Everyone in South Beach loved my daughters cheerleading costume. She loved all of the attention. I asked a cute couple from Singapore to take our picture on the roof, then I offered to take theirs. They agreed and asked if my little one could pose with them. She felt like a queen! It was fun.

  2. Hey Meredith! You are too cute! I miss you! Are you still with Bamboopink? I am not. I met the nicest people but it wasn’t for me.

    • Hi Lisa! I know, I really will cherish that experience. No, I’m not with them anymore. I’m glad that I made that decision because it freed up time to spend with friends/family in Dallas before our move in the Fall and then I think it would have been a big struggle here in Miami with zero network (I’m slowly meeting nice people, but it takes time, you know?). Have you peaked at the line recently? It looks great.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the new Target line. I’ll be looking for it locally here in Louisville, but KY is slow when it comes to the fashion scene. Love how you are teaching your son about shopping and style early. My husband and sons hate to shop which leaves just me. Glad to hear you like Miami. Yes, it does take awhile to meet new people, but with you’re outgoing personality and confidence, I’m sure you will have a circle of new friends in no time!

  4. Meredith, I did see the Webster displays at Target this week and knew what it was because of YOU! I picked up the super-cute drawstring waist knit dress with the Mondrian-style block pattern, and I loved the navy tops and dresses with deco-esque coral fans?/flowers? on it. Very Miami beach… can’t do too much of it though or I get 80s flashbacks and think about Golden Girls decor!

    • Funny! I know I picked up my 3 friends at the airport that came in town in the coral shorts with the coral tank with palms and flamingos on it (belted) and my own navy blazer on (there was one in the line that was nice). I told my friend Caroline that I felt like I had to show up with palm trees on with they arrived in Miami and she said, “is this how everyone in Miami dresses?” “Well no, but…” I loved that draw string dress you got- the fabric seemed so nice! Glad you liked it!

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