Fear Me I’m a Mother

For the second year in a row 11 mothers from Dallas, Texas joined forces and competed in a 203 mile relay from just outside of Austin, to Houston, TX.

I have been running for about 6 years now and I can say without a doubt that this is my favorite race I have ever done!

When I moved to Miami the first of January I had already committed to my team and had this event looming over me at the end of March. There were many times that I wanted to skip a run to organize boxes or not get out because my usual partners weren’t there to meet me. It has been so nice to have a goal to work toward with the extra incentive that others would suffer (someone would have to pick-up my part) if I chose not to compete.

Needless to say I gave a far worse performance than I did the year before… for a number of reasons my training had made a dramatic change which really caused me to slow down.

But you know what, that is OK… I did it! I finished my 17.5 miles worth of legs and when I did, one of my best friends was there for a shoulder to lean on when I wanted to hide my tears of, well, I’m not sure… joy, relief, PAIN. The accomplishment felt good.

And the interesting part… it looks like I didn’t really need to go any faster because our team WON… the all women’s division anyway. An unexpected surprise that showed me that it was so smart not to give up on myself even though my training did not go as well as I thought it should.

Take a peak at the fun we had! You’ll see we ran all 203 miles in a pink tutu. “Tutu up,” someone would yell as team member approached a relay exchange. In the dark, our pink tutus lit up! At the end of the race a competitor from team Sole Sister told me, “at 3 am, when I thought I couldn’t run anymore I just followed that pink tutu. It was all I could see on the pitch black highway but it was just enough to lead me to the end of my leg.

And like my Sole Sister, when a run is tough and I would just rather walk than push through to finish my goal for a day, I look to the tutu too (I couldn’t resist the triple “to”!). I picture Sandy high kicking with that tutu on as she cheers her friends to their finish or visualize Liz pulling herself up the hill even when she was seeing stars because of the extreme heat and it gets me through. Team Fear Me is my inspiration and I am so proud to be a part of this crazy pink group.

Now, I better start getting in shape for next year!

One response to “Fear Me I’m a Mother

  1. jeanne-marie gisellu

    Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!

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