Kids can go to South Beach too

When we first moved to Miami at the beginning of the year I thought Sourh Beach might be an adult only outing


But I have spent some great days there with the kids. On an early morning in February we beat the sun out of bed and went to see our first East Coast sunrise. It was spectacular!



That day we parked on a meter South of Fifth on Collins and played in a wonderful fenced in park, where I felt safe. When we got hungry we headed to The Big Pink which was a diner perfect for the kids and me. The food was great.

Yesterday, we parked in the metered lot on Collins between 21st and 22nd. We’ve never had trouble finding a spot here and there are two advantages to parking further South.

1. An umbrella and 2 chairs is $10 cheaper than it is at 16th.
2. You can visit the giant Hello Kitty!


Yesterday, the weather was just perfect and the kids and I had fun playing in the sand and water, collecting coral, catching a quick nap and we even found a new Kafkan for my mom (my 6 year old saw this nice lady and pointed- Cammy would love that!).






Don’t be afraid to bring the kids- just think of the thongs as cultural.


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