A Surprise trip for Charlie to Legoland Florida


Last Spring an old friend called with an idea. She and her family were leaving from Tampa for a Father’s Day cruise but planned to stop first at the new Legoland, Florida. Wouldn’t it be fun to surprise our boys with a day together at the park? Breaden and Charlie were fast friends on the first day of kindergarten and we knew they would love a fun day together.

We made a date! There are not very many places to stay in Winterhaven, where Legoland is located, so my husband and I booked a 3 night stay at the Wyndahm Reunion Grand Resort just outside of Orlando (check back later this week for a post on this resort- we loved it!). Orlando is about 40 miles from Winterhaven; it was a very easy drive!

We told the kids we were going to play at a resort for three days- they were thrilled. Friday morning I woke Charlie up and had him change in clothes I picked out the night before. I explained we were going for an adventure and to please quietly get in the car before the girls woke-up. In the car I told him we were headed to Legoland for the day! Just about the time Charlie started to wonder why the rest of the family wasn’t with us we arrived at Breaden’s grandparents house, just around the corner from the park. Checkout the boy’s surprise in this short video:

I think we could have turned the boys lose in a shopping mall with a map and they might have had just as much fun, they loved navigating around the park!


But what made the day even more fun were the kid friendly roller coasters- there were 5 of them. The coasters seemed to be just scary enough to take your breath away but not too scary that the 6 year old in our group could not ride. The clickity-clack up the first hill of the wooden coaster was the scariest moment of my day!


The park also included (1) flying school, (2) driving school and (3) boating school. On the two latter the children were actually in control of the car and boat and they thought this was super fun.


We spent a good hour in the racetrack. Here the kids were given Lego pieces to build cars and then they were able to race each other down multiple ramps.

There were rides that required strength and games that required creativity and the kids really enjoyed every moment of our day.

We all wished we had saved enough time to really study Miniland but we had to rush through before the gates were closed. Designers recreated cities from all over the world and it was truly amazing.

Mom-to-Mom advice:

1. We did the park in 1 day but did not have enough time to pay the $12 extra and try out the new water park that opened last month. If you make the trip to Legoland I would allow 2 days.
2. I also liked this park because it seemed a lot less expensive than Disney. I spent $75 for the two of us to enter, with a buy an adult ticket and child enters free coupon, and I think the price would have almost been double if we had ventured to Orlando. I used a Pepsi coupon but I have seen that deal multiple places if you would like to use it- yesterday, I noticed it printed on the back of my Nature Valley Bread.
3. The sign says no outside food or drink so we did not bring any inside. I did however notice that lots of other people did bring in snacks so next time I might stash a few crackers for the kids.
4. The good news is that there are many healthy options for the kids to eat. We did treat the kids to slurpees, but were able to provide them with a healthy lunch that we purchased at the park.
5. Buy your tickets on line! We were able to go straight to the turnstile and enter the park, but those that were buying their tickets at the gate had to wait in a long line.
6. Legoland was a 4 hour drive from Miami- an easy road trip.

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