Making a rent house a home: new rugs by Dwell Studio

Before we moved to Miami in January we had an estate sale and sold almost all of the furniture in our Dallas home. We had not invested too much money in the furniture, and I had grown tired of most of it. I didn’t see the point in spending a lot of money to move it half way across the country.

It did lighten up our load considerably but left us with little furniture for our new home in this tropical paradise. Without a budget to furnish the entire house I thought it wise to purchase the necessities first, in neutral colors and shapes, that would easily move from the rent house we are in now to another home we might choose to buy next year.

Shopping was fun, but I ended up with a lot of boring neutral pieces and wanted to add a little fun to the house… especially the kids’ rooms!

While purusing my favorite children’s store in Dallas, baby bliss/miniMe in Snider Plaza, I fell in love with everything in the Dwell Studio catalog.

I ended up buying 3 of their rugs- two for the two kids’ bedrooms and one for our new playroom. We love the pop of color the rugs add to the house.

Dwell Studio rugs
Dwell Studio
Dwell Studio rugs

Want one for your home? If you can’t stop into BabyBliss/miniMe in South Lake or Snider Plaza in Dallas, shop Dwell at miniMe online:

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