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He Left it All on the Floor

I have to be honest. I have not sat down to watch many basketball games on television. I really enjoy college football, but do not even schedule the rest of my life to make sure my Saturdays are free to watch my favorite teams (yes, fellow Ole Miss fans I said teams. Ole Miss will always be my first love but it has been fun to be married to a USC Trojan).

My son Charlie is 7 and has now completed two basketball seasons! To help me understand what is going on in the game, I tried to learn more about the sport, but still feel a little clueless! Despite my lack of knowledge, I really have enjoyed watching my home town team make it to the finals! The Dallas Mavericks have been amazing this season and I have jumped on the bandwagon!

My husband met friends out to watch last night’s game 2 of the Finals Series and at half time my little man Charlie was so sleepy from his last day of school activities that I convinced him to go to bed with the promise that we would watch the end this morning (I love my time with Charlie before the rest of the house gets up as he and I are the lone early birds in the house).

WOW! The game was awesome! I was so glad for Charlie to witness such an amazing example of perseverance and determination! In the last 7 minutes of the game, the Mavs went on a 22-5 game-winning spurt, battling back from an 88-73 fourth-quarter deficit. While it was Dirk Nowitzki scoring the last nine, Jason Terry got the magic started, scoring 8 points in a row.

Terry said, “I have had games throughout my career where I’ve struggled,” he said. “I’ve struggled throughout three-quarters in the game and then, boom, in the fourth quarter the light comes on. Tonight was another one of those examples.

“In a game with this magnitude, to be down 15 points in that situation, I was just going to do whatever it took to leave it all out on the floor. That’s what happened tonight.”

Is there any reason we should do anything without leaving it all out on the floor? When times seem tough or even impossible what do we have to lose by just going for it and giving it everything we’ve got! If you don’t give it a shot, give it 100% of who you are, you will never know if you might just make magic happen, like Jason Terry did last night! You can do it- you just gotta give it your all!

Go Mavs!

Flies in the butter (you can’t go home again)

I have to be honest…. I really do like the Real Housewives Shows…. I can’t pin point why but I will sit through the entire hour, if I have the time… which is the problem… I haven’t caught an episode since January. I did however need some mindless TV time this week so I flipped on BRAVO after the kids went to bed and there was some sort-of interview with two of the House Wifes from the OC.

The host was asking the two ladies gossipy type questions about characters from the show, then he paused and said to Jeana Keough, “Does everybody tell you you look just like Wynonna Judd?” Her quick, curt reply, “NO, NOBODY tell me that!!”

Well, what do you think?

I think he was RIGHT and I think they are both fabulous!!

I remember being fascinated by that big, beautiful redhead when she and her mom hit the music scene in the early eighties I had never seen so much red hair! And we all had big bangs in the 80s but Wynonna took it to a whole new level… she is so fabulous!

I am crossing my fingers I get to meet her today! She is one of the key note speakers at the Ultimate Women’s Expo here in Dallas. I will be there all day at my first bamboopink by JudeFrances booth! We set-up yesterday and there are so many FUN vendors. If you are looking for something to do in the rain, come see me at the Dallas Convention Center. You can even get your teeth whitened at the booth next to me!

Maybe you will have a chance Wynonna encounter too. Here’s to hoping!!!

I’ve learned lately that no one is going to hand me a permission slip to tell me to take time out for me”

What is going on at the Apple Stores?

Taking the kids to school this morning I heard the end of a new story on the radio and couldn’t wait to get home to my computer to learn more. Well, 10 hours later here I am and there is not much information out there.

According to a few, some top secret visual merchandising will be happening in addition to an all staff meeting at every Apple Store. Here’s what a tipster from Australia sent over to the folks at 9 to 5 Mac:
“This Saturday (21st), all Australian (at least) retail stores will under go visual merchandising from 6pm – 6am (22nd). A sheet will be raised to prevent any one seeing inside, and from 6am – 10am, all apple retail staff will participate in a compulsory meeting. Something big? VM is rarely so private, and is never followed by an all staff meeting.”

I will be headed home from downtown about 6 pm tomorrow night… I will drive by our local Apple store and let you know what I see!

Do You Know Warby Parker?

He is such a cool guy (or maybe 4 guys… but it doesn’t matter!). He is inviting you to “share the gift of vision with someone who can’t see today and give them the opportunity to read, to work and to live a fuller life. And what do you have to do?

Well if you are in Dallas, stop by the Nest on McKinney Avenue and buy a pair of honestly, some of the coolest collection of perscription glasses I’ve seen (bring your perscription from you eye doctor) for $95! For each pair sold Warby Parker will deliver a second pair to someone in need for vision, from around the world by partnering with such organizations as Restoring

Can’t make it to The Nest, no worries… you can shop online at :

Sound familiar? Have you heard of Blake Mycoskie?

He sold 10,000 pairs of shoes out of his aparment in the first 6 months of his business. Not only that but he also placed 10,000 pairs of shoes, for free, on the feet of people in Argentia who did not have shoes before that!

Do you have a pair of TOMS shoes? They are awesome! Blakes says on his website that the intersection of commerce and giving is a really great business strategy (well I guess?!? 10,000 shoes in the first 6 months sounds pretty good to me!!). This combination is good with your customers, employees and to attract business partners.

Doing good is good for business.

I recently heard one of the youngest, modern entreprenuers speak at a conference: 15 year old Maddie Bradshaw of Snap Caps. When she was 12 she invented a fun necklace for kids that exploded quickly into a multi-million dollar business. Maddie’s beautiful mom stood by her at the podium while Maddie told her story and at the end, both ladies took questions. Mom Bradshaw explained that as soon as the money started pouring in she wanted to set an example for Maddie and her sister and use the Snap Caps success to help as many people as they could! So they did- and hundreds of people are benefiting.

I met Maddie and her mom when I was starting my bamboopink business and really inspired me to do the same. My children are young and they are watching me go back to work. I want them to see that this is not only important for our family, but it is important that we help others!

I looked around and found a fabulous charity that seemed to really fit well with our classic and elegant bamboopink jewelry: the Dress for Success Dallas Chapter. Dress For Success promotes the the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire; a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in their work and home life!

I am not quite sure what my partnership will look like with Dress For Success, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right? I participated in the volunteer training and fell in love with the organization. I can’t wait for my first personal shopper experience.

Tomorrow night we (5 other friends and bamboopink consultants) are partnering with Lure Salon, Where Wear in the City and Dress For Success to celebrate the launch of our new jewelry company bamboopink by JudeFrances. Our emcee, Courntey Edwards of Where Wear in the City, will be giving away a raffle prize every 15 minutes- both styling services from Lure Salon and bamboopink jewelry. Music provided by guitar player, Taylor Davis. We have asked each guest to bring a piece of jewelry appropriate for the women of Dress with Success to wear in their interviews.

Jewelry, hair blow-outs (yes during the party!!), drinks, live music, pink cupcakes AND the chance to help a fabulous local charity! I’d say Lure Salon is the place to be in Dallas on Wednesday night, May 18th!

Lure Salon is located at the corner of Blackburn and Cole. Check out their link on the right side of my site.

A different kind of email

I’ve been working hard to build my bamboopink team and the results have been fantastic! It is now time for my team members to make a decision if they want to be a bamboopink consultant or not. The problem is that some of them have grown tired of waiting. I don’t blame them really, the launch took a lot longer than expected. I was trying to find a way to grab their attention, get them to hear one last message from me regarding the bamboopink consultant opportunity and I knew it had to be something special!

I found a great tool! Gold mail! People can look at pictures and listen to my voice. Hearing from me makes it a little more personal and the pictures are key! In this fast paced society people often don’t stop to read anything… pictures often work best!

Check out the gold mail message I am going to send to my team in the link on the right side of this blog titled “a different kind of email”

I definitely plan to integrate this social marketing tool into my business. You can too. Check it out!

Next Up, You Tube!


The Meredith Kallaher Brand

A couple of weeks ago I started a Social Media Marketing Project on this blog to educate myself and share with you what I learn! Each internet marketing tool that I find begins with the same first step, create a user name…

I was lucky to be one of the first bamboopink by JudeFrances consultants. During the first week of January, before I had even signed a consultant agreement or seen the bamboopink policies and procedures manual, my mentor Paul called, “Meredith, you need to get a facebook fan page up!” GOOGLE!

As a personal facebook user and President of a large PTA I knew what a fan page was but had no idea how to effectively use one much less create one (luckily for me, maybe not my membership, another PTA board member DID have this skill set so she took on this task for our organization and I didn’t get it much thought, or visits to the page).

In January, I stayed up late, got the page up and then texted Paul, “What should I call it?”…. “Bamboopink Leadership.” OK, great!

As more bamboopink consultants joined the company fan pages started to flood the web (they probably new more than me about social network marketing) named with creative variations of bamboopink, pink, jewels and JudeFrances. Not only was it a little confusing we quickly learned it was against company policy. They needed to keep a consistent brand in the market place so they reminded us that the policy and procedures that we agreed to when we signed-on with the company (that most of us did not read, it was 28 pages long… give us a break! We were excited about our new adventure). There was to be no use of the words bamboopink or JudeFrances in the names of our fan pages and we could not use the logo or signature love knot on these pages. Rewrite! Now names were changed.

Creative juices, FLOWING, fingers on the keyboard, READY TO FLY, task at hand, FB FAN PAGE NAME CHANGE… results NOTHING! What could I change the name to that would be distinctive and set me apart from the other independent consultants with bamboopink? I had nothing… so the first page was deleted (warning, you cannot change your fan page name when you hit 100 followers) and the new page was named bamboo leadership.

Shortly after this change was made I attended the Spark and Hustle Conference in Dallas, an intensive 3 day workshop for small business owners or potential owners. The speakers were fabulous and all aspects of launching and running a small business were addressed.

I could not write fast enough! There was so much information shared that was relevant to me. Every speaker’s topic was different but there were definitely some overlapping messages and themes. I was really struck by what at least 6 of the industry leaders said on the topic of brand. I remember at least 2 agreed that branding was THE most important part of our businesses and more than 5 experts agreed the best brand for my small business was ME!

A-HA MOMENT! That makes sense! What is the one thing that I could offer to my customers that no other bamboopink consultant could bring to the table? ME! It was so clear! As I thought over my very short career with bamboopink I realized “ME” had really worked for me!

Until this point I have been selling an opportunity. An opportunity to sign-up for free to “check-out” a new direct sales jewelry company on the ground floor. I offered the opportunity to everyone that I knew and then ran a contest on a local blog. The contest brought in just as many sign-ups as my friend/acquaintance outreach campaign did, but it was the people that knew me that really grew my team. Of the 140 people that I personally enrolled the 70 people that I do not know have probably recruited a total of 200 people and maybe grown the total team to 400. But my friends/acquaintances? Together, with my contest participants, we have grown my total team to over 19,000 people!

This makes sense! The people that knew me, that had already bought my brand, did not need any convincing. I told them there was no risk and they believed! I told them there was nothing to lose, they trusted! This was so powerful!

I now understand what makes my business unique is ME . At the conference we asked, “so are you saying the name of our website should be our name?” “YES!” and our blog?” “YES” and even our facebook fan page?” “YES, YES!” Well, that would be different than all the variations of bamboo/pink/jewels that we (the consultants) had now.

I am going to try it! It feels good. I even had evidence (my team numbers) that this marketing strategy works. And I know me! I love fashion and really enjoying staying abreast of the current trends and new designers, but I’ve never sold jewelry before… selling myself seems a lot less foreign.
PLUS, I have control of me. As an independent consultant I have to follow the strict guidelines of bamboopink by JudeFrances to make sure I help keep the brand of this jewelry as Jude and Frances intended it to be. BUT, I can modify and customize, my sales approach, the experience of working with ME however I would like to best meet my customers needs and maximize my profits!

It’s OFFICAL! The Meredith Kallaher marketing campaign is ON! bamboopink jewelry sales are about to begin and I am going to show the world why they should buy this jewelry from ME! Potential sales reps? Come ON! You are about to learn why Meredith Kallaher’s team is the ONLY team it makes sense to join!
See my new FB fan page “Meredith Kallaher Style” (once you name the URL for your fan page you can not change it, if anyone knows a fix to this, please comment! I added the style to differentiate from my personal page).
Check out my new twitter name:
And finally, this blog. Do I really need to change the name? I have learned to love this name (even though it is a bit long). But to stay consistent, think I do…. For now I will rename this website Meredith Kallaher and change the subject name to “a pink diamond in the rough.”

NOTE: Although many experts spoke on this topic at Spark and Hustle, the first was Mariss Levin, CEO of Information Experts. See her website at