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Exploring the Magic City: Miami

I cannot explain my desire to really know every inch of this city. My family and I moved to Miami four months ago and I am just so…well, tantalized, by all of the layers and details that make this city who she is.

I also think it is more than that. Maybe if I can learn what makes this city pulse than I have the chance to become a part of that current?

That sounds so dramatic doesn’t it? Maybe it’s just that as a mom with 3 young children in school, and limited free time I am struggling to be patient. I keep learning of new areas to explore in Miami, or an event to attend, and have to add them to the list, because there just isn’t enough time in each day. But slowly I will make time… that promise satisfy and excites me.

I’ve had a few friends call me fearless, and on some days that feels to be so. I am brave; I love to try new things. But I’ve also wondered if it is insecurity. Why not just settle in the moment? But, I donn’t think about either long- I’m not really interested in dissecting my curiosity.

I think maybe some of us are just born that way- we like to GO!

(I digress here, but bear with me… I have a cute story) My youngest daughter is the same. If anyone is leaving the house, AK is throwing on her tutu and coming along. She can be seen almost everywhere in one of many tutus, BUT NOT at school. Much to her dismay at her new school all must wear uniforms. However, just because you don’t see the tutu doesn’t mean it isn’t there… you would not believe the fashions that AK has underneath that plaid skirt.

When we moved here we jumped into school, and baseball, and began to create all of our new routines. And even though that has been hectic, being unencumbered by social obligations can really free up your schedule!

So we’ve started to explore and I would like to share these adventures with you here on this blogsite, primarily because I like to write. I find a bit therapeutic when I miss friends or family OR when I’ve been on mommy mode for too long and my brain is starting to feel like mush.

Also, I have had many sweet friends call or email to check in on us and I thought this would be a great way to keep up.

And maybe, it might help somebody else? If nothing else give you a nudge to go explore your own city…. Find out what makes it who she is? Or if you are coming to Miami I hope I can give you some fun ideas on how to spend your time here.

They like big butts, and I can not lie!

I really feel awful. Since the day I moved to Miami, Florida almost 4 months ago something has been nagging at me . I now feel like I might have let down some of my friends. They are really missing out. But today is the day… I don’t think it is too late for my advisory message.

You, with a Lovely Lady Hump LISTEN-UP!

Your people are waiting for you here in South Florida.

I mean, OH MY GOSH, BECKY, the bigger your cushion, the more people that are lookin’, and you need to get down here because your admirers are waiting.

Yes, even you with the Honky Tonk Badonkadonk, the Floridians know you’ve got it going on like Donky Kong and if you haven’t been to this beautiful part of the country you need to come. The junk in our trunk is glorified here. It is so refreshing to see real women with curves.

You can throw those A-line skirts to the waste side, and get ride of all the jeans with minimal pocket design you might have been wearing to cover-up that beautiful rump.

Come to Miami and shake that groove thang. The people of Miami CAN handle all your jelly!

We are waiting here for you to just wiggle it!

Oh Baby Baby

The Coconut Grove Duck Diva and I are so glad that Adam kept Tony on the Voice.


So was he celebrating his time on the Mickey Mouse Club or telling Christina to back-off?

The Duck Diva


My neighbor dresses her duck.


Sometimes she makes a wardrobe change once a week.


But sometimes we’re lucky enough to see a new outfit everyday!


The anticipation is the best part. Everyday we hold our breath as we turn onto our street hoping that she will have a new look!


The kids and I agree that Coconut Grove, Florida is a pretty cool place to live!

Exploring Our New Hood

our street

We’ve been working hard to get settled into our new home and learn our new school schedules, BUT I couldn’t pass up the chance to do a little exploring! I wanted to share the scene from my first two 4 mile runs from our new house we leased in Coconut Grove, Florida (2 miles out and back).