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If I wasn’t going to the PTA meeting…

If I wasn’t going to the PTA meeting but rather meeting a few friends at a wine bar that I’ve been dying to visit, I might wear this skirt from the new line at Target, Kima Zabete, with a v-neck white t-shirt, my favorite accessory of the moment, a yellow necklace from Francesca’s and these awesome black booties by Diane Von Furstenberg.




I will, however, be at school; like I was last night and will be again tomorrow. 3 kids, 3 Meet the Teacher Events.

So I am going to wear my old animal print loafers instead, which I believe are Sam Edelman but I can’t be sure because the label has faded.


I am glad to get a glimpse of the class rooms, and think it is cute my daughter can’t wait to send me back to first grade, but a glass of wine with a few girl friends sounds pretty nice… plus, I really love my DVF shoes.

On the bright side, 3 Meet the Teacher Night will definitely be helpful for my quest of new friends… 100 parents, in a captive audience, that I at least have one thing in common: the school. By tomorrow night I hope to have perfected my pick-up line.

I was inspired to write this post because one of my favorite bloggers, Melissa from I Pick Pretty, is hosting a link-up and I finally figured out what that means. I don’t know why, when it comes to computers something has to be explained to me at least 3 times before I can understand… I should have asked my 8-year-old to explain it to me a long time ago…

Anyway, it is pretty fun. Melissa and her friend at Forever 29 (which I haven’t read but look forward to checking-out) invited fellow bloggers to post outfits for a girls night out. I just post this cute button here, and then share my blog link on the Forever 29 website, and you readers can go there and get several ideas.  Its fun to see what other ladies around the country might wear when they go out with their friends.

See the “link up” here on Forever 29

Footnote: If you haven’t seen the Kima Zabete line at Target yet I would go check it out! KZ is a boutique in NYC and Target partnered with them as part of their second round of “Shops at Target.” There are also some great dresses.

Second Footnote: Go check out Melissa’s blog, I love her because she (1) is an attorney in Austin and reminds of my cute friend Lisa who is an attorney that went to school in Austin (2) talks about fashion and her two-year old “Master P”- I think the “two” talk makes me feel better about my 3 adorable but somewhat wild kids. They might be difficult sometimes, but when they were two… (3) says things like “Sweet Neiman Marcus, I thought that child would never take a nap” and (4) has a super sassy writing style that reminds me of the Southerners I love that can give someone a tongue lashing without her even realizing it until 20 minutes later. Here is the link to I Pick Pretty

I can’t wait to see what Venus is wearing and the other Floridians I’m watching in the Olympics


Can I hear a “Let’s Go Ry-an!” That’s right, I think I can hear you: a faint, “Let’s go Ry-an!”

Did you see that 400 individual medley men’s race? I think Ryan (we’re on a first name basis, you know it’s a Florida thing) could have swum with the gold medal already around his neck, and still have finished first. It was supposed to be a race between two of the greatest swimmers ever, but Micheal Phelps did not show up. Ryan Lochte beat the silver medalist, who was not Michael Phelps, by three body lengths. There’s no stopping Ryan now!

This morning (Sunday July 29, 2012) Ryan qualified for the 200 meter freestyle finals that will happen tonight. Michael Phelps, qualified to swim this event in London by winning first place at the Olympic trials in Omaha, narrowly beating Ryan, but he opted out of the 200 free for the Olympic games. On twitter, Michael’s coach Bob Browman explained that the plan was for this change to allow him to focus more energy on relays for Team USA.” This makes me happy. I CAN NOT wait for Ryan to kill it, but it is hard watching a Giant fall. Maybe the rest will help Phelps gain some composure… come on Michael focus. We’re all pulling for you.

Also today Venus Williams opens the tennis singles competition playing French Open finalist Sara Errani in the first round. AND I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT SHE IS WEARING! Did you know this will be the first time ever that players can wear color to Wimbledon, thanks to the Olympic rules? Watch out Kate, our Florida Fashionista is coming for you and I am sure we are going to get a good show! She arrived in London with patriotic braids.

So there are 26 Floridians competing in the 2012 Olympic games. I found the complete list, courtesy of the U.S. Olympic Committee Department of Communication, on the Tallahassee television channel’s website http://www.wctv.tv.com.

Chris Colwill, Diving, 3 Meter, Brandon (competed in 2008 Games)
Jared Frayer, Wrestling, Freestyle 66kg, Clearwater (first Olympic Games)
Paige Railey, Sailing, Laser Radial, Clearwater (first Olympic Games)
Zach Railey, Sailing, Finn, Clearwater (silver medalist in 2008)
Ryan Lochte, Swimming, Backstroke, Freestyle Individual Medley, Daytona Beach (competed in 2004 and 2008 games winning six medals, three gold)
Sarah Lihan, Sailing, Women’s two-person dingy, Ft. Lauderdale (first Olympic Games)
Sanya Richards-Ross, Athletics, 400m, Ft. Lauderdale (competed in 2004 and 2008 Games, won two medals at 2008 Games)
Mike Holloway, Athletics, Assistant Coach Sprints and Hurdles, Gainesville (first Olympic Games)
Hunter Kemper, Triathlon, Longwood (competed in 2000, 2004, 2008 Games)
Laura Bennett, Triathlon, North Palm Beach (an alternate on 2004 U.S. Team)
Phil Dalhausser, Volleyball – Beach, Ormond Beach (2008 gold medalist)
Jennifer Simpson, Athletics, Middle Distance (mile, steeplechase), Oviedo (first Olympic Games)
Foluke Akinradewo, Volleyball, Middle Blocker, Plantation (first Olympic Games)
Anna Tunnicliffe, Sailing, Elliott 6m, Plantation (gold medalist in 2008)
Tony McQuay, Athletics, 400m, Riviera Beach (first Olympic Games)
Brian Fatih, Sailing, Men’s Keelboat, Miami (first Olympic Games)
Sylvia Fowles, Basketball, Center, Miami (competed in 2008 Games)
Manuel Huerta, Triathlon, Miami (first Olympic Games)
LeBron James, Basketball, Forward, Miami (competed in 2004 and 2008 Games)
Danell Leyva, Gymnastics, Artistic, Miami (first Olympic Games)
Mark Mendelblatt, Sailing, Men’s Keelboat, Miami (competed in 2004 Games)
Robin Prendes, Rowing, Lightweight Men’s Four, Miami (first Olympic Games)
Trevor Moore, Sailing, 49er, Naples (first Olympic Games
Brittany Viola, Diving, 1 meter, Platform, Orlando (first Olympic Games)
Tina Konyot, Equestrian, Dressage, Palm City (first Olympic Games)
Serena Williams, Tennis, Palm Beach Gardens (competed in 2000 and 2008 Games)
Venus Williams, Tennis, Palm Beach Gardens (competed in 2000, 2004 and 2008 Games)
Justin Gatlin, Athletics, 100m, 200m, Pensacola (gold medalist in 2004 Games)
Lacy Janson, Athletics, Pole Vault, Sarasota (first Olympic Games)
Emil Milev, Shooting, Rapid Fire Pistol, Tampa (fifth Olympic Games appearance, first for U.S.)

A VERY EXCITING FLORIDIAN TO WATCH will be sprinter Justin Gatlin. The now 30-year-old won the gold medal in the 100-meter dash at the 2004 Athens Olympics, but he missed the 2008 Beijing Olympics because he was serving a four-year doping ban.

That’s why there’s plenty of buzz surrounding Gatlin this year as he returns to the Olympics and tries to steal the gold medal away from reigning Olympic champion Usain Bolt and reigning world champion Yohan Blake. (Bolt and Blake… funny).

Gatlin is coming after the champions Bolt and Blake (funny!) and they better watch out! He won the 100-meter U.S. Olympic trials final in a career-best 9.80 seconds. I am looking forward to the start of track and field on August 3rd.

There is nothing like the Olympics to bring a country together OR a little jump on the state’s band wagon to make a new Miamian feel more at home. Ryan Lochte’s performance might have even made me dislike the University of Florida a little bit less. It is true what they say you can take the girl out of Oxford (the home to Ole Miss) but you can never take Oxford out of the girl. But come on Rebel fans, don’t you agree, its Ryan Lochte. We can forgive them for that tacky blue and orange, can’t we? At least for today anyway…

The Orchid Boutique: Swim suit shopping made fun

I went on a shopping spree, well more like a window shopping spree (Summer fun with the kids is cutting into my shopping budget) following Southern Living magazine’s advise.

This month they featured 7 Miami boutiques in their travel section and I took a day last week to go check them all out.

All of the stores they recommended were on Miami Beach but only one was in what I consider South Beach “proper.” Some would consider that an oxymoron, but there are definite boundaries to the heart of the Art Deco, bikini/thong clad, anything, I MEAN ANYTHING goes district, that gives this area its reputation. I mean there is South Beach, and then there is SOUTH BEACH…does that make sense? We’re talking Ocean Drive and Collins Ave from 5th through 22nd Street… And that might be stretching it but I thought I should include the W Hotel.

The Orchid Boutique is located at 8th Street and Collins Avenue.


If Southern Living had not recommended this store I might have walked on by (sorry Orchid Boutique). Not that it doesn’t have a nice store front, but from my experience, the South Beach stores that display swimsuits, and are not national chains that we all know and love, are a little bit, if I may be frank, cheesy and cheap (not necessarily price, but material).

But what do I know? Obviously, not much, because I had probably my best bathing suit trying on experience of my life at the Orchid Boutique. And it is not because I LOOK the best I have ever looked in a suit- no pictures here, you are just going to have to trust me on this one.


I loved the Orchid Boutique because

1. The inventory was beautiful and unique, yet not over the top expensive. It seems like I could buy a suit here and not see it walking by me on every trip I take to the beach.
2. The space was bright, light and not filled to the brim with inventory, which I find overwhelming. Walking in this beautiful shop took me to a happy place, which is a good place to start when trying on swim suits.
3. The sales person was super nice and accommodating. I believe there is an art to being helpful, yet not pushy, and suggestive, but not judgemental when it comes to selling clothes, or anything, really. The perfect sales associate some how knows when to leave a shopper alone to browse by themselves or when to come to the rescue when a customer needs some help. The sales person at Orchid Boutique, whose name I wish I knew, was all that and more which made my shopping experience very pleasant.


Southern Living magazine explained, “The Orchid Boutique is an e-retailer that went brick-and-mortar in March, giving beach bunnies instant access to their unique collection of 22 hand-picked labels.”

I found that I really loved the brightly colored Columbian line, Maaji.


According to the About page of their own website, “the Maaji signature has been built up by avant-garde combinations and prints, mix of materials and textures, inventive and cutting-edge silhouettes and the sweetness and ubiquitous presence of small details.” I think that it is the mix of material feel that I liked best and really made this line feel special and unique. The fabrics felt very expensive and BONUS, their suits were reversible… so with one purchase it’s almost like you are getting two bathing suits for one. PLUS, when you purchase a suit from the Maaji Underwater Conquest Collection, the company will plant a tree in your honor. Click on the link below for further details of the company’s environmental initiative and a fun tool that let’s you calculate your own carbon footprint:
Maaji Swimwear

I am excited that Southern Living magazine introduced me to this beautiful boutique. Shopping for a new bathing suit can be quite stressful but I know from now on I won’t have to look any further than the Orchid Boutique.

Don’t worry, even if you don’t live in Miami you have full access to this store online. Visit their store at: <a href="http://www.theorchidboutique.com

And here is a tip: if you want to make your swimsuit shopping day more enjoyable, just stay away from the 3 way mirrors. You can FEEL if a suit doesn’t fit correctly on your backside, right? Why worry too much with what lies on the other side? If you look in the mirror and what you see makes you smile just go with it- trust me, it will completely change your bathing suit shopping experience.

Sandals from Capri in one hour

Last week I grabbed my July 2012 Southern Living and followed their retail therapy advice in Miami. My 3rd stop of the day, and their last recommendation from Lincoln Road, the grand avenue of shopping on Miami Beach was Tuccia Di Capri.


(I sure wish there was an antique Vespa, or maybe a Ferrari parked in front of the store on my shopping day, rather than a serial-killerish no window white van. It would have given you more of the South Beach feel).

It is a very cool concept. You can walk into this store in Miami and within the hour have custom-made Italian leather sandals (starting at $130)! I was lucky, too. On the day I was there they had about 50 pre-made beauties on sale for about half the price- $65).


I loved this store!

1.It smelled so good. Fresh leather.
2. Very uncomplicated. The many shoe styles were displayed so they were easy to choose from and the large selection of leather colors and widths was sure to please everyone’s tastes.
3. The 2 cobblers in the store that day were so accommodating without being overbearing.


I think this YouTube video gives you the whole picture. Tuccia Di Capri was featured at Henri Bendal on Fifth Ave in NYC cranking out sandals in 30 minutes!

Tuccia di Capri

Definitely add this store to your list of stops when visiting Miami Beach.

See my first two stops on my Southern Living Adventure:



Last night I put my big girl panties on

And went to the second Fashion Bloggers Do it Better Fashion Show, put on by Miami area bloggers, by myself.


As soon as I found my first friend, the Refinery29 cocktail, I was quite comfortable!


The Ricochet Lounge was packed, with various clothing and jewelry vendors- I had fun browsing.


I stepped outside and ran in to one of the cutest Miami fashion bloggers, and expert fashion photographer Karla Garcia. I introduced myself and my blog and she said, “Meredith in Miami… That’s so Carrie Bradshaw”


About that time a friend Martha, wrapped up a business meeting and joined me for a fashion show- styled and modeled by area bloggers


After the show Martha really hoped to get her portrait drawn- while she waited in line I had fun meeting a few other bloggers.


It was such a fun night! I left with some great ideas for my next outfit and an excited “twitch” in my typing fingers.

A new skirt from Clover Canyon

Over the next 6 weeks I have 5 social events sans-children, on my calendar and they are all happening in the next 7 days! Dinner at 3 fabulous Miami restaurants, the Fashion Bloggers do it Better Miami fashion show on Thursday night, and the Cold Play concert Friday night.

With all this fun coming my way I thought a new outfit was in order.

Lately, I have felt a bit like a cyber-stalker. I have been following the music and fashion blog, My Style Bass and have really enjoyed peaking into the life of its author, Brooke Atwood. Brooke is a beautiful girl from Jackson, Mississippi who recently followed her passion and went back to school at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) to get her Master of Arts in fashion design. In her blog she documents her new career, her favorite fashion and the live music shows that she enjoys.

I love Brooke’s style so when I was ready to shop I turned to My Style Bass to see her latest finds.

Last week she reported on a new line she loved Clover Canyon. I followed her “links” to the Fall 2012 collection and loved it. I was so glad to see that a South Miami boutique that I have been wanting to explore carried the line- Kristine Michael.

I had so much fun at this Miami boutique trying on at least 6 pieces of Clover Canyon’s new line (except Brooke’s awesome statement pants, which they did not carry) and settled on this skirt.


It is stretchy, with no zippers, super comfortable and just thick enough to show no bulges that linger underneath. For my night out to dinner with friends, at the absolutely yummy Michael’s Genuine Saturday night, I paired the skirt with a new Ramy Brook blue silk top, my black Kenna-T cropped tuxedo jacket (probably my favorite item in my closet) and my leopard cuff by Worth Collection.


The skirt was so comfortable I plan to wear it to all 5 of my social engagements this week and can’t wait to play in my closet and come up with different looks for each event.

FYI: Shopping in Miami? I highly recommend Kristine Michael boutique in South Miami at 57th and Sunset. The large selection of clothes and interesting pieces of jewelry and shoes was so fun to look through and the ladies that worked there were so lovely and welcoming. This isn’t always the case in Miami… customer service is just not the same as it was in Texas. I was very greatful to the lovely ladies that helped me and made me feel right at home, even though I came into shop with no make-up and dressed in old jeans and my hot pink running shoes!

Start your Monday with a dream of Summer


Temperatures are rising here in Miami and the Diva Duck and I are both ready for the Summer! Are you?