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An artisanal ice cream boutique

This week my friend Texas and I took our little cowboys with us on our weekly exploration of Miami (weekly exploration described here).


We took in a little Cuban culture and visited Azucar Ice Cream Company on the “main street” (8th Street) in Little Havana, less than 10 minutes from my  house.


Azucar is an artisanal ice cream and sorbet boutique.  Normally I would not indulge an ice cream parlor by repeating their marketing material’s fluffy words, but the creator of Azucar went to Penn State’s Ice Cream University and has her  abuela’s (grandmother’s) passion for creating tropical ice cream flavors “tattooed on her soul”, y’all. These Latino sabores are for real!

The Cafe Con Leche (coffee and Oreo) was to die for and the Elvis(peanut butter and banana) looked fabulous too. My little niños did not venture too far from chocolate and vanilla and honestly, I think both flavors could have received a gold medal for best in their class they were both just perfect (oh the fruity sorbet looked wonderful, but even so I always go for the chocolate, it’s just who I am).

So fellow Miamians if you haven’t been to Little Havana since last July (when they opened), run! Azucar is the ice cream bomb.

And to all the others, when you find yourself in this corner of paradise, Azucar is the sp0t where you can get a little taste of Heaven!




Find all of the information that you need on Azucar here on their website.

Small town feel in the Magic City

For the last two weeks I’ve been trying to make all of our necessary doctor and dentist visits so me and my three amigos don’t have to all go together on these trips once summer begins (one of my least favorite things to do is sit in a 2×2 foot examining room with 3 restless children).

Usually, I am racing to an appointment and then rushing back to school and don’t have time to shop between all of our new patient paperwork.

Near Dadeland Mall in Kendall (a suburb South of Miami), where my new doctors seem to cluster, I kept driving by this grocery store that peaked my curiosity because it looks like it belongs in small town Mississippi instead of the Magic City.

Small town feel in the Big City

grocery in Kendall

Today, on one of my last trips I allowed extra time to stop and shop, and I am really glad that I did.

They had a large selection of speciality items, prepared food and beautiful produce.

The rotisserie chicken was better than any other we’ve tried in Miami, and the Coconut Lemon and Irish cream cupcakes that we split for dessert from the bakery were fabulous!

I can’t wait to go back to the doctor!