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Sandals from Capri in one hour

Last week I grabbed my July 2012 Southern Living and followed their retail therapy advice in Miami. My 3rd stop of the day, and their last recommendation from Lincoln Road, the grand avenue of shopping on Miami Beach was Tuccia Di Capri.


(I sure wish there was an antique Vespa, or maybe a Ferrari parked in front of the store on my shopping day, rather than a serial-killerish no window white van. It would have given you more of the South Beach feel).

It is a very cool concept. You can walk into this store in Miami and within the hour have custom-made Italian leather sandals (starting at $130)! I was lucky, too. On the day I was there they had about 50 pre-made beauties on sale for about half the price- $65).


I loved this store!

1.It smelled so good. Fresh leather.
2. Very uncomplicated. The many shoe styles were displayed so they were easy to choose from and the large selection of leather colors and widths was sure to please everyone’s tastes.
3. The 2 cobblers in the store that day were so accommodating without being overbearing.


I think this YouTube video gives you the whole picture. Tuccia Di Capri was featured at Henri Bendal on Fifth Ave in NYC cranking out sandals in 30 minutes!

Tuccia di Capri

Definitely add this store to your list of stops when visiting Miami Beach.

See my first two stops on my Southern Living Adventure:



I followed Southern Living’s Shopping Guide

I love Southern Living magazine! Every Christmas my mom slips a gift certificate for the annual subscription in my Christmas stocking right next to the Runners World certificate from my dad (stockings are not just for children at our house).

This month (July 2012) I was so excited to see “Miami’s Summer Style” under retail therapy in the travel section. The first boutique listed was THE WEBSTER, which the kids and I checked out last May but I had not been to any of the 6 other stores featured and I could not wait to explore some new territory.

Last Saturday the family was packed and ready for the beach. My husband must have been thinking that I might need SOME kind-of therapy. As we were about to walk out of the door he said, “Mer, why don’t you go do something else… get out of here. I can take the kids to the beach.”

For a second, I felt a little left out from the family fun and started to resist, but then looked Vince in the eyes and realized he was just trying to give me a little gift. My added summer job as Kallaher Camp Counselor can get a little exhausting so I responded, “well there are a couple stores that I’ve been wanting to check-out.. you wouldn’t mind?”

I don’t think I even waited for his response.. nor did I take the time to change out of my bathing suit. I just exchanged my flip-flops for a pair of cute wedges and was out the door with my Southern Living magazine.


I had already “googled” all of the stores and knew that they were all on South Beach, so I headed North to the A1A and parked in my husband’s office building garage, that is half a mile from the base of Lincoln Road.

According to http://www.lincolnroad.org, “Carl Fisher, the wealthy original developer of Miami Beach, envisioned Lincoln Road to be the Miami Beach counterpart to Fifth Avenue in New York, or Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. And indeed in the boom times of South Beach in the 1930’s, 1940’s, and 1950’s, it could match those upscale fashionable shopping districts.” Now, in 2012 it might not have all of the couture shopping houses that you can find on Fifth Avenue, but it is fun shopping! One-of-a-kind boutiques, art galleries and trendy restaurants that all stay open late make this shopping road quite unique.

On my blog this week I want to share my experiences on my Southern Living shopping spree. Saturday, I started up Lincoln from Washington Avenue and stopped at the first store I came to from their July list: the Alchemist.

Very unassuming from the sidewalk, the Alchemist was a small white-walled room lined with beautiful high fashion pieces organized by color.


I was the only shopper in the store and thoroughly enjoyed taking my time, admiring the beautifully crafted art that hung in this store! It was exciting too, because almost the entire store’s inventory was marked to 50% off! Everything, except this gorgeous Isabel Marant number that I slipped on and LOVED (I wish the picture did it justice).


Although, most of my future visits to the Alchemist will be to admire their selection of inventory rather than purchase (most is out of this stay at home mom’s budget) I can’t wait to go back. Their store was full of surprises!

I loved this line of skull cameos from a “hot NY designer” according to the clerk, (I must find the name but no luck tonight).


And this beautiful collection of jewel-toned heels


Sadly, I left with none of these items in my shopping bag, but a girl can always dream right? After leaving the Alchemist I moved on to the uber-cool resale store, The Fly Boutique (meet me here tomorrow to read about my second-hand finds).

Want to see more from the Alchemist? Check them out at http://www.shopalchemist.com OR visit their second location that is an 1800-square-foot “stunner” carved into a Herzog & de Meuron-designd parking garage, located at the opposite end of Lincoln Road.

**For those readers new to this blog I just wanted to point-out that I have not been employed as a summer counselor this year, just enjoying Summer time with my 3 young kids.