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If I wasn’t going to the PTA meeting…

If I wasn’t going to the PTA meeting but rather meeting a few friends at a wine bar that I’ve been dying to visit, I might wear this skirt from the new line at Target, Kima Zabete, with a v-neck white t-shirt, my favorite accessory of the moment, a yellow necklace from Francesca’s and these awesome black booties by Diane Von Furstenberg.




I will, however, be at school; like I was last night and will be again tomorrow. 3 kids, 3 Meet the Teacher Events.

So I am going to wear my old animal print loafers instead, which I believe are Sam Edelman but I can’t be sure because the label has faded.


I am glad to get a glimpse of the class rooms, and think it is cute my daughter can’t wait to send me back to first grade, but a glass of wine with a few girl friends sounds pretty nice… plus, I really love my DVF shoes.

On the bright side, 3 Meet the Teacher Night will definitely be helpful for my quest of new friends… 100 parents, in a captive audience, that I at least have one thing in common: the school. By tomorrow night I hope to have perfected my pick-up line.

I was inspired to write this post because one of my favorite bloggers, Melissa from I Pick Pretty, is hosting a link-up and I finally figured out what that means. I don’t know why, when it comes to computers something has to be explained to me at least 3 times before I can understand… I should have asked my 8-year-old to explain it to me a long time ago…

Anyway, it is pretty fun. Melissa and her friend at Forever 29 (which I haven’t read but look forward to checking-out) invited fellow bloggers to post outfits for a girls night out. I just post this cute button here, and then share my blog link on the Forever 29 website, and you readers can go there and get several ideas.  Its fun to see what other ladies around the country might wear when they go out with their friends.

See the “link up” here on Forever 29

Footnote: If you haven’t seen the Kima Zabete line at Target yet I would go check it out! KZ is a boutique in NYC and Target partnered with them as part of their second round of “Shops at Target.” There are also some great dresses.

Second Footnote: Go check out Melissa’s blog, I love her because she (1) is an attorney in Austin and reminds of my cute friend Lisa who is an attorney that went to school in Austin (2) talks about fashion and her two-year old “Master P”- I think the “two” talk makes me feel better about my 3 adorable but somewhat wild kids. They might be difficult sometimes, but when they were two… (3) says things like “Sweet Neiman Marcus, I thought that child would never take a nap” and (4) has a super sassy writing style that reminds me of the Southerners I love that can give someone a tongue lashing without her even realizing it until 20 minutes later. Here is the link to I Pick Pretty

A Big Head Alert

I started to text my friend Kay a “big head alert” but thought there might be a few more of you out there that could benefit from my news.

And what is a “big head alert” you ask? Well, it’s when I find a hat that fits my big ‘ol head and think my friend might want one for her big noggin’ too. reports that Grant Hurlburt, a visiting professor at the University of California ran a study and found that a bigger head does in fact mean that you have a bigger brain. Good to know because that is what I have been telling my sweet daughter and is exactly what my dad (who blessed me with his head circumference) told me. I think I’ll wait to explain to my little lady that Dr. Hurburt did not find any correlation between large brains and intelligence. When her sister’s crown doesn’t fit and I see a tear starting to form, I can just wink and make her smile because we both know: our big heads make us smarter!

It used to be that I did not talk that often about my head size. I just went along my merry way, hoping that no one noticed the gargantuan melon that sat atop my shoulders. I remember one sunny afternoon my boyfriend, now husband, offered me his baseball hat to shield my eyes and I created a diversion so he would not see me adjust the strap larger so that I could slip it on.

But then, about 7 years ago (I remember because it was my first night away from my son who is 8) my book club visited Frederiksberg for a weekend of relaxation and fun that included a hike up Enchanted Rock. During the hike the topic of head size was brought up, not by me of course, and a friend said. “My head is so big,” Really, I thought… I’m not the only one? “My head is big TOO, ” said another, And then, “I bet my head is bigger than your head” and there it was. A challenge. Measurements were soon taken and voila, I had friends with bigger heads than me- 3 of them, to be exact!

I couldn’t believe that there were others that couldn’t wear the Burger King Crown when they were little. Or others that had to learn the hard way that one size most definitely does not fit all (not even sometimes).

Thus, we’ve been sharing our favorite head ware finds ever since, and yesterday I scored big!

About 2 months ago my husband and I saw the cutest girl in all black at the beach: black bikini, black fringed cover-up (not crazy fringe, definitely classy fringe) and black straw fedora. We both loved the look and ever since I have been on the hunt for a black straw fedora that was big enough for me!

And yesterday, I found it… for a whopping $9.99 at H&;M (if you need one it is size Large in the men’s section, but that can be our secret).


I wonder how many big-headed readers I have? Don’t worry, you don’t have to out yourself! From now on I promise that if you will let me know when you find the perfect hat in extra-large, I will always post my big head alerts here!

I can’t wait to see what Venus is wearing and the other Floridians I’m watching in the Olympics


Can I hear a “Let’s Go Ry-an!” That’s right, I think I can hear you: a faint, “Let’s go Ry-an!”

Did you see that 400 individual medley men’s race? I think Ryan (we’re on a first name basis, you know it’s a Florida thing) could have swum with the gold medal already around his neck, and still have finished first. It was supposed to be a race between two of the greatest swimmers ever, but Micheal Phelps did not show up. Ryan Lochte beat the silver medalist, who was not Michael Phelps, by three body lengths. There’s no stopping Ryan now!

This morning (Sunday July 29, 2012) Ryan qualified for the 200 meter freestyle finals that will happen tonight. Michael Phelps, qualified to swim this event in London by winning first place at the Olympic trials in Omaha, narrowly beating Ryan, but he opted out of the 200 free for the Olympic games. On twitter, Michael’s coach Bob Browman explained that the plan was for this change to allow him to focus more energy on relays for Team USA.” This makes me happy. I CAN NOT wait for Ryan to kill it, but it is hard watching a Giant fall. Maybe the rest will help Phelps gain some composure… come on Michael focus. We’re all pulling for you.

Also today Venus Williams opens the tennis singles competition playing French Open finalist Sara Errani in the first round. AND I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT SHE IS WEARING! Did you know this will be the first time ever that players can wear color to Wimbledon, thanks to the Olympic rules? Watch out Kate, our Florida Fashionista is coming for you and I am sure we are going to get a good show! She arrived in London with patriotic braids.

So there are 26 Floridians competing in the 2012 Olympic games. I found the complete list, courtesy of the U.S. Olympic Committee Department of Communication, on the Tallahassee television channel’s website

Chris Colwill, Diving, 3 Meter, Brandon (competed in 2008 Games)
Jared Frayer, Wrestling, Freestyle 66kg, Clearwater (first Olympic Games)
Paige Railey, Sailing, Laser Radial, Clearwater (first Olympic Games)
Zach Railey, Sailing, Finn, Clearwater (silver medalist in 2008)
Ryan Lochte, Swimming, Backstroke, Freestyle Individual Medley, Daytona Beach (competed in 2004 and 2008 games winning six medals, three gold)
Sarah Lihan, Sailing, Women’s two-person dingy, Ft. Lauderdale (first Olympic Games)
Sanya Richards-Ross, Athletics, 400m, Ft. Lauderdale (competed in 2004 and 2008 Games, won two medals at 2008 Games)
Mike Holloway, Athletics, Assistant Coach Sprints and Hurdles, Gainesville (first Olympic Games)
Hunter Kemper, Triathlon, Longwood (competed in 2000, 2004, 2008 Games)
Laura Bennett, Triathlon, North Palm Beach (an alternate on 2004 U.S. Team)
Phil Dalhausser, Volleyball – Beach, Ormond Beach (2008 gold medalist)
Jennifer Simpson, Athletics, Middle Distance (mile, steeplechase), Oviedo (first Olympic Games)
Foluke Akinradewo, Volleyball, Middle Blocker, Plantation (first Olympic Games)
Anna Tunnicliffe, Sailing, Elliott 6m, Plantation (gold medalist in 2008)
Tony McQuay, Athletics, 400m, Riviera Beach (first Olympic Games)
Brian Fatih, Sailing, Men’s Keelboat, Miami (first Olympic Games)
Sylvia Fowles, Basketball, Center, Miami (competed in 2008 Games)
Manuel Huerta, Triathlon, Miami (first Olympic Games)
LeBron James, Basketball, Forward, Miami (competed in 2004 and 2008 Games)
Danell Leyva, Gymnastics, Artistic, Miami (first Olympic Games)
Mark Mendelblatt, Sailing, Men’s Keelboat, Miami (competed in 2004 Games)
Robin Prendes, Rowing, Lightweight Men’s Four, Miami (first Olympic Games)
Trevor Moore, Sailing, 49er, Naples (first Olympic Games
Brittany Viola, Diving, 1 meter, Platform, Orlando (first Olympic Games)
Tina Konyot, Equestrian, Dressage, Palm City (first Olympic Games)
Serena Williams, Tennis, Palm Beach Gardens (competed in 2000 and 2008 Games)
Venus Williams, Tennis, Palm Beach Gardens (competed in 2000, 2004 and 2008 Games)
Justin Gatlin, Athletics, 100m, 200m, Pensacola (gold medalist in 2004 Games)
Lacy Janson, Athletics, Pole Vault, Sarasota (first Olympic Games)
Emil Milev, Shooting, Rapid Fire Pistol, Tampa (fifth Olympic Games appearance, first for U.S.)

A VERY EXCITING FLORIDIAN TO WATCH will be sprinter Justin Gatlin. The now 30-year-old won the gold medal in the 100-meter dash at the 2004 Athens Olympics, but he missed the 2008 Beijing Olympics because he was serving a four-year doping ban.

That’s why there’s plenty of buzz surrounding Gatlin this year as he returns to the Olympics and tries to steal the gold medal away from reigning Olympic champion Usain Bolt and reigning world champion Yohan Blake. (Bolt and Blake… funny).

Gatlin is coming after the champions Bolt and Blake (funny!) and they better watch out! He won the 100-meter U.S. Olympic trials final in a career-best 9.80 seconds. I am looking forward to the start of track and field on August 3rd.

There is nothing like the Olympics to bring a country together OR a little jump on the state’s band wagon to make a new Miamian feel more at home. Ryan Lochte’s performance might have even made me dislike the University of Florida a little bit less. It is true what they say you can take the girl out of Oxford (the home to Ole Miss) but you can never take Oxford out of the girl. But come on Rebel fans, don’t you agree, its Ryan Lochte. We can forgive them for that tacky blue and orange, can’t we? At least for today anyway…

Meeting the Miami Fashion Bloggers

Last Friday afternoon, I attended a Bloggers Night Out Event celebrating the 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim.

Let me stop here and provide a little clarification (thanks dad for reading my blog!)

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim happens only once a year right here in Miami Beach. Designers from around the world unveil their newest collections and buyers, the international press, celebrities and all of the other fashion fabulous come to bask in the glow of the latest designs.



Bloggers Night Out is a company formed by 3 savvy young fashion bloggers. According to their own website they create “special events for the blogging community that offer networking opportunities, encourage an exchange of ideas and provide exposure to the brands we work with.” One of the founders, Caitlin told me that they have had several successful events surrounding New York Fashion week and were excited at the turn out of their first two events held outside of “The City.”



This particular evening out was held on the roof top of The Betsy Hotel on Ocean Drive. The view was incredible.



In collaboration with Plastics Make it Possible, Schick Quattro for Women, The Betsy Hotel and my favorite Orchid Boutique, the BNO girls put on a great event! We had DIY goody bags, foot massages, and discounted shopping but my favorite part of the evening was talking with some of the great Miami Bloggers.

I thought I would take a moment to introduce them to you.

As I waited for the tiny elevator to transport me to the roof (I opted to walk the 4 flights of stairs down… it was a little slow) I met , the Architect of Design. She was beautiful and easy to talk to and it turns out she was new to this scene like me! She is an architect that loves fashion and recently changed the focus of her blog. It will be fun to watch her new fashion blog evolve.

Next, I saw an old friend , at least that is how she made me feel even though I’ve only met her once before, on the sidewalk outside of a fashion show I attended last month. As I looked around the room I could see that Karla Garcia made everyone feel that way. She is a fashion photographer with a beautiful blog. Karla’s blog almost has a self-deprecating vibe that I’m sure makes all of her readers, whether a part of “the industry” or not, feel welcome among her high fashion “snap” shots.

The Bloggers Night Out was not unlike any other networking event I have attended for business or for fun; there were definitely favorite “bloggers” in attendance whose attention others were clamoring to receive. You know what I’m talking about, right? Someone is talking to you, seemingly interested, but then a favorite catches their attention and you lose their eye contact? One new acquaintance interrupted me in mid-sentence, with an “excuse real quick, I need to go talk to Jenny (a quick google of Miami fashion blogger Jenny, revealed she is THE Jenny of I SPY DIY whose blog really is SUPER COOL, see below!).”

If Kristin, with Living In Color Print was there for a networking conquest she did not let on. This gorgeous blonde was so poised. She is a 20-something Florida State grad, living in Pembroke Pines with confidence and intelligence beyond her years. As we were introduced she gave me her complete attention, the kind of focus that would make anyone feel special. Even when I asked if she had children and immediately realized from the flutter of her pretty blue eyes, that kids are not yet on her life’s radar. I think it was her hometown that through me- I don’t know the first thing about Pembroke PInes but doesn’t it sound like the perfect little suburban utopia for the family with 2.2 kids?

On their way out the door Kristin, of Living in Color Print quickly introduced me to her friend Ana Ortuño. I did not get to speak with Ana long but after a tour around her blog, Chic Streets and Eats, I hope I get the chance to spend more time with her soon. She seems to have some great food, fashion and design advice for all of us!

I can’t wait until the next occasion to bring all of the Miami Fashion bloggers together. These gorgeous women really seemed to support each other and there were so many with whom I did not get the chance to speak.

I missed Ginger Harris, whose pictures I follow on Instagram. Ginger has the cutest daughter who appears quite fashionable herself and her Lululemon posts, were A-MAZ-ING…. you have to go see:

WOW, how have I lived without I SPY DIY, for so long? I did not get to meet Jenny (mentioned above) and might not get another opportunity, because her writing career has taken her to New York, but from now on I will not miss her blog posts or contributions to In Style magazine. Click below and see for yourself.

Source: via Meredith on Pinterest

And sadly, I also did not meet Lori with Short Cuts to Fabulous but plan to reach out very soon. After attending the many events surrounding Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2013, Lori did not post about swimsuits, but instead was inspired to write about food and I think that this writer and I might just be fast friends.

The Orchid Boutique: Swim suit shopping made fun

I went on a shopping spree, well more like a window shopping spree (Summer fun with the kids is cutting into my shopping budget) following Southern Living magazine’s advise.

This month they featured 7 Miami boutiques in their travel section and I took a day last week to go check them all out.

All of the stores they recommended were on Miami Beach but only one was in what I consider South Beach “proper.” Some would consider that an oxymoron, but there are definite boundaries to the heart of the Art Deco, bikini/thong clad, anything, I MEAN ANYTHING goes district, that gives this area its reputation. I mean there is South Beach, and then there is SOUTH BEACH…does that make sense? We’re talking Ocean Drive and Collins Ave from 5th through 22nd Street… And that might be stretching it but I thought I should include the W Hotel.

The Orchid Boutique is located at 8th Street and Collins Avenue.


If Southern Living had not recommended this store I might have walked on by (sorry Orchid Boutique). Not that it doesn’t have a nice store front, but from my experience, the South Beach stores that display swimsuits, and are not national chains that we all know and love, are a little bit, if I may be frank, cheesy and cheap (not necessarily price, but material).

But what do I know? Obviously, not much, because I had probably my best bathing suit trying on experience of my life at the Orchid Boutique. And it is not because I LOOK the best I have ever looked in a suit- no pictures here, you are just going to have to trust me on this one.


I loved the Orchid Boutique because

1. The inventory was beautiful and unique, yet not over the top expensive. It seems like I could buy a suit here and not see it walking by me on every trip I take to the beach.
2. The space was bright, light and not filled to the brim with inventory, which I find overwhelming. Walking in this beautiful shop took me to a happy place, which is a good place to start when trying on swim suits.
3. The sales person was super nice and accommodating. I believe there is an art to being helpful, yet not pushy, and suggestive, but not judgemental when it comes to selling clothes, or anything, really. The perfect sales associate some how knows when to leave a shopper alone to browse by themselves or when to come to the rescue when a customer needs some help. The sales person at Orchid Boutique, whose name I wish I knew, was all that and more which made my shopping experience very pleasant.


Southern Living magazine explained, “The Orchid Boutique is an e-retailer that went brick-and-mortar in March, giving beach bunnies instant access to their unique collection of 22 hand-picked labels.”

I found that I really loved the brightly colored Columbian line, Maaji.


According to the About page of their own website, “the Maaji signature has been built up by avant-garde combinations and prints, mix of materials and textures, inventive and cutting-edge silhouettes and the sweetness and ubiquitous presence of small details.” I think that it is the mix of material feel that I liked best and really made this line feel special and unique. The fabrics felt very expensive and BONUS, their suits were reversible… so with one purchase it’s almost like you are getting two bathing suits for one. PLUS, when you purchase a suit from the Maaji Underwater Conquest Collection, the company will plant a tree in your honor. Click on the link below for further details of the company’s environmental initiative and a fun tool that let’s you calculate your own carbon footprint:
Maaji Swimwear

I am excited that Southern Living magazine introduced me to this beautiful boutique. Shopping for a new bathing suit can be quite stressful but I know from now on I won’t have to look any further than the Orchid Boutique.

Don’t worry, even if you don’t live in Miami you have full access to this store online. Visit their store at: <a href="

And here is a tip: if you want to make your swimsuit shopping day more enjoyable, just stay away from the 3 way mirrors. You can FEEL if a suit doesn’t fit correctly on your backside, right? Why worry too much with what lies on the other side? If you look in the mirror and what you see makes you smile just go with it- trust me, it will completely change your bathing suit shopping experience.

Sandals from Capri in one hour

Last week I grabbed my July 2012 Southern Living and followed their retail therapy advice in Miami. My 3rd stop of the day, and their last recommendation from Lincoln Road, the grand avenue of shopping on Miami Beach was Tuccia Di Capri.


(I sure wish there was an antique Vespa, or maybe a Ferrari parked in front of the store on my shopping day, rather than a serial-killerish no window white van. It would have given you more of the South Beach feel).

It is a very cool concept. You can walk into this store in Miami and within the hour have custom-made Italian leather sandals (starting at $130)! I was lucky, too. On the day I was there they had about 50 pre-made beauties on sale for about half the price- $65).


I loved this store!

1.It smelled so good. Fresh leather.
2. Very uncomplicated. The many shoe styles were displayed so they were easy to choose from and the large selection of leather colors and widths was sure to please everyone’s tastes.
3. The 2 cobblers in the store that day were so accommodating without being overbearing.


I think this YouTube video gives you the whole picture. Tuccia Di Capri was featured at Henri Bendal on Fifth Ave in NYC cranking out sandals in 30 minutes!

Tuccia di Capri

Definitely add this store to your list of stops when visiting Miami Beach.

See my first two stops on my Southern Living Adventure:

Fly Boutique- the second stop on my Southern Living shopping spree

The July 2012 Southern Living magazine featured 7 Miami boutiques in a retail therapy article in their travel section.

As part of my exploration of my new home, and to give myself a little dose of therapy, I decided to follow their advice and go on a little Southern Living Shopping spree.

My second stop of the day was the Fly Boutique.


Since Fly Boutique owner Jean Marie opened her first boutique Jean Marie Vintage in November 1995 on South Beach, the resale store has been thriving. Jean Marie since moved her store to Lincoln Road, changed the name to Fly Boutique, and now resides at 1634 Euclid Avenue (at Lincoln Road).


Unlike other second-hand store that I’ve visited, there is no moth ball stench in this charming, cozy store. According to the Etsy profile, “the style the owners have created comes in part from Jean Marie’s background in fashion. For three years in the early 90’s she worked for Luca Orlandi of Luca Luca. This background in fashion has been very important in setting the vibe for Fly Boutique. Even though it is mainly a a consignment and vintage boutique, it still has the feeling of a true retail boutique. Most important in the criteria of the search for inventory is quality. Every item is handpicked and carefully inspected. Taken into consideration is its style, age, condition and how well it is made. Most items are or appear to be unworn. If any item is not perfect, it is only chosen because it is amazing.”


As I dug through this small store I could see this would be a GREAT place to go for an awesome 70’s costume, or the next Great Gatsby event. I’ve been in the market for a new pair of boots, but decided these jet black Cowboy boots would be better for the November 2012 Lakewood Boots and Bling party, rather than the perfect accompaniment to my favorite sun dress.


I also found designer threads that looked like they came straight from my favorite store, never worn. I love this Calypso dress- I think leopard, especially the small print, works great as a neutral! What an easy dress to throw-on and run around town. It was $75 and I would have probably paid $300 for it in my favorite Calypso store in Preston Center in Dallas (they are also on line if you want to check them out, GREAT DRESSES-


Jean Marie, the owner also has her own label, Puglia. If clothes come into the shop that aren’t just perfect and she is inspired to work with them, she remakes them and sells the new look in the Fly Boutique. I tried on this fun dress with the original “Gillians” label AND the new Puglia label.


I had a great time shopping at the Fly Booutique! I love “the thrill of the hunt” but sometimes I just don’t find enough time for that game and prefer boutique shopping with less inventory… so as soon as I enter a store I can zero in on exactly what is there that interests me. However, the small size of this store made hunting manageable. In half an hour I felt like I had enough time to uncover many hidden gems and didn’t leave feeling like I had missed out on everything the shop had to offer.

I do think it is important to note that Fly Boutique is known for their shops, belts and designer bags. I heard a shopper talking to the sales associate explaining that she came in as often as she could to see the latest bags that had come into the store.

I loved Fly Boutique! I will always stop in whenever I pass by just to see what great find Jean Marie has uncovered. When I have a specific look I am trying to create, I know this shop will be my first stop because you never know what will be hanging on the Fly’s racks.

If you would like a small taste of this fabulous shop check out their new etsy online boutique, that just opened for business:

OR stop in their new second boutique in the hip Miami MIMO district, located at 7235 Biscayne Blvd. Here the idea is to have a larger more creative space where you can find furniture, art and collectibles as well as the beautiful clothing and accessories that the boutique has always carried (I can’t wait to check it out!).